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USPS Hold Mail Tracking

USPS hold mail is one of the best and easy services which is offered by the USPS for the customers who are either on a vacation or are not living at the home address for a period of time. And in such cases, if you receive a mail then you can use USPS hold the main service in which your package is kept safe with the nearest USPS local post office. For this, you must request to hold the mail for USPS stop mail which you should send to the local USPS office. Before you could request for the hold mail you should first know whether the service is available in your locality or not. If in case the service is not available then you need to submit a whole request using one of the USPS mail tracking options provided below.

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By submitting a completed PS Form 8076 (http://about.usps.com/forms/ps8076.pdf), Authorization to Hold Mail at your local Post Office facility.
By calling and USPS contacting 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) where a representative can assist you and clarify your doubts.
How USPS Hold Mail Works

There area unit 3 totally different procedures within which you will the United States Postal Service hold mail works.

Online mode of submission

1. 1st you must visit official website of United States Postal Service service that is United States Postal Service.com.
2. subsequently you must click on the link that holds mail below that you must choose all manage your mails.
3. subsequently you must enter your address and so click on check the supply choice. By doing this you may be insured whether or not an internet mail holding is provided in your space or not.
4. Then you will opt for your dates on that you’d prefer to receive your mail. until the date you’ve got chosen your mail are going to be placed on hold by the United States Postal Service.
5. currently you will click on submit button and so you wish to fill the confirmation range that is obtained when submission.

Go to the post office directly

There is another best technique within which you will place your mails on hold at the closest the United States Postal Service workplace.
1. 1st you must move to the closest native post workplace in your neighborhood.
2. subsequently you must acquire a hold mail from the workplace.
3. Next, you must enter all of your details within the type with relevant details and so you must submit it within the workplace.

By phone

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The third choice obtainable for the United States Postal Service hold mail customers is thru a telephony. you will directly create a decision to the client care service at 800-275-8777. you will create a request to carry your name by-line to the client care service.The operating days of the United States Postal Service workplace area unit from Monday to a weekday. The timings are from 8 AM to 8.30 PM.

How to Track USPS Hold Mail Tracking
It is easy to track the hold mail by using the tracking tools available by the USPS. By using the tracking services you will easily know the current status of your shipment. You can request the hold mails to be held at the local post office with a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 30 days. All the tracking options are provided below in which you can select any one catching method in order to know the status of the shipment.

Online tracking – By using online tracking system you can easily track the shipment and you should know your reference number so that you can provide it on the official website and get the exact information.
1. First, you should go to the official website of USPS which is www.usps.com.
2. In this, you should search for hold mail tracking service, once you find click on it.
3. Then you will be provided with the bar in which you should provide your tracking number and then click on track button.
4. Once you are done then you will be provided with the complete information about the number that you have provided with the location and other information.

Visit post office in person  – You can directly visit the nearest local post office and then fill in the paper form of hold mail and then submit it to the postal employees along with the USPS tracking number. Then they will let you know about the details of your shipment.

By phone – Another best method is that you can directly call the customer care representative at 800- 275- 8777. Directly call and request to track the USPS hold mail by using your mobile phone. They will provide you with the exact tract information and all other details about your shipment you should provide your tracking number to them.

By Email – You can directly send an email to the USPS hold mail to the official address. In the mail, you should provide your tracking number and then send it. In the return mail, you will get all the tracked information about your hold mail.

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USPS Hold Mail Customer Care Number
If in case you would like to contact the customer care service then you can directly call and get all the information that you would like to get from USPS. The customer care service is available 24 as per day, 7 days a week. So you can reach the appropriately posted inspection service office by dialing the USPS phone number 1- 877 – 876 – 2445. The services are available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 P.M in all time zones and you can call them between these times and get any details that you would like to know from them.Mail service issues callers are then directed to 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).

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